Euro Wardens

published Jul 04, 2019 | | |
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forkbanger 57

Draw all of the cards. Cycle more of them. Play Horsies. Play Calling the Cavalry. Kill Horsies if you take casualties. Oh, and Point Blank dudes, too.

Jul 05, 2019 Harlath

Well done for piloting the First People deck with success. Making sure we had all the factions represented and even numbers was an added bonus. Good example of a more interactive First Peoples deck - can win matches with playing defensively with Beyond the Veil and trying to win at time. The Mixer is excellent against dudes like "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and a range of actions hitting your own dudes or opposing dudes. Remedy deepens this further. Nice work. :)

Jul 05, 2019 DoomDog

I didn't get to play this but it looks very similar to Vince's Cavalry Wardens deck that I know is tough to deal with once the horses start to show up.