1 Core Law Dogs Teaching

published May 13, 2015 | | |
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mysticpickle44 727

Just a deck built from 1 core set I like to use when teaching new players focused on A's and 8's. Absolutely NO jobs/hexes/mad science. Lots of starting cash because playing cards is fun, Lots of deeds because it forces people to learn about movement, and lots of dudes so people can play for longer than one giant bloody day 1 shootout.

May 13, 2015 mplain

Oh c'mon, give 'em some fun! Add more J♦ :)

May 14, 2015 mysticpickle44

lol the rarer the DMH the more glorious it is when it appears XD

May 14, 2015 byronczimmer

If they play the Jackson's Strike, that rarity is "never". Having a few more Jack of Diamonds in there would give the chance without it being overwhelming

Jun 08, 2015 mysticpickle44

heh yeah the only issue is that we're working out of 1 core set and outside of Jackson's Strike there's only Undertaker at the Jack of Diamonds value. Trying to explain the finer points of casualty timing and control switch over at for a shootout at the Undertaker isn't a great first time experience. And there's always the 1 Joker and Pair of Six-Shooters to give 'em a little bit of hope for the elusive DMH! ;D

Jan 06, 2016 inveigle

Hello, My wife and I are new to Deadlands and I picked up a collection over the holidays. I was wondering if your "Teaching" decks have undergone any changes since you posted them and if so if you could update these? Thank you.

Jan 06, 2016 inveigle


Jan 15, 2016 mysticpickle44

@inveigleNope! The teaching decks I used are just the same as the first time I've made 'em! The Core Cards do a right good job for introducing the most important mechanics in the game so I've kept them unchanged :D

Jan 15, 2016 inveigle

Thanks for the info, they are great decks!