Deed • Control 1 • Cost 5 • Production 3

While this deed is unbooted, increase the difficulty of skill tests made at this or adjacent locations by 1.

Controller Noon: Boot this deed.

• Teejay Ralph Villahermosa • Ghost Town #17
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Chefonk. 2/5. At first I thought this is really bad. The added difficulty didn’t seem much to me and 5 GR is a huge investment even considering its 3 production. The fact that your opponent can shut it down didn’t help me like this card either. Then I looked through my decks that rely on skill checks and realized that quite a few run main values that just barely pass the skill check for a lot of the spells. So maybe it is worth trying to get that one crucial Blood Curse to fail. This still does not make it a great card as it is still depends on the opposing deck. Still, I can see why people might consider this. That 5 GR is harsh though and it probably has no effect on gadgets as they are almost never invented in a location adjacent to this deed.

Jhandy27. 3/5. Whenever I see a 5 cost deed, I’m always dubious because of the difficulty of playing it turn 1 if it’s the only deed in my hand. As a 2nd or later deed, it’s quite strong because it can stop a lot of decks which are built to “just” pass their checks provided they don’t make a beeline for this deed. This can, however, be used to move opponents out of position. Definitely going to see use as well as annoying some skill checkers for sure.

Nu_Fenix. Will that extra difficulty at adjacent locations (which I expect to most commonly be town square) mean they fail more often, or are the values of their deck more than enough to pass the checks? I would use a single copy in a deck using 4’s simply to add more deed variety. If the ability ever did anything, I’d just treat it as a bonus.

Doomdog. 2/5. I find this deed a bit meh. It’s expensive to play for most decks and not all that likely to have any useful effect. Good players will play round it or just take it away from you. If they aren’t using spells or gadgets, then it’s just a blank 5/3/1 deed.

Jedilanni. 1/5. Making pulls harder is always a good thing, but 5 rock to put into play will be harder than the difficulty increase it creates. If it was Private instead of Public, I could get a little more behind it.