4 Tusk

Goods • Bonus 1 • Cost 1

After this card enters play, draw a card.

This dude has +5 value for opposing card effects.

"You can kill with any old thing. A weapon like that just does it with class." -Shelby Hunt
• Ambrose H. Hoilman • Ghost Town #24 | Weird West Edition #154
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From gomorragazette.com

Jhandy27. 3/5. Having seen Sunday best, I prefer that. I can see this seeing occasional play, since aggressive decks probably want to choke people’s deeds more. Maybe a 2/2 split with Sunday best or faithful hound as 4 of any of them is OTT.

Nu_Fenix. Tusk only applies to opposing card effects, so Kung Fu and cards such as Hot Lead Flyin‘ don’t combine with it. Regardless, a cheap bullet bonus that replaces itself when played is hard to say no to. Tusk will likely become my go to goods on 4’s, which only reduces the chance of me using Sunday Best.

Doomdog. 4/5. Fours have been crying out for more options in the goods department, and Tusk doesn’t disappoint. 1 ghost rock for an extra bullet and another card is a good deal. The value buff protects against Shotguns, Puppets, and Paralysis Marks. I believe it also protects you from Forced Quarantine if you’d just been hit with the Sanatorium’s ability.

Chefonk. 5/5. This has Allie Hensman written all over it. Protection from being shotgunned along with a little (even if not much) help against Paralysis Mark makes this a great card for her. A lot of Sloane decks use 4s as a their main value. Until now, the 4 value goods were pretty mediocre so this helps a lot. All non-spell decks that run 4s should at least consider this, especially if you need an answer to Paralysis Mark. Cheap, a nice passive bonus and it replaces itself immediately upon entering play, there is nothing not to like about this one. The only drawback is that you probably already play some weapons in most of the decks this fits into, so this might create a conflict there.

Jedilanni. 3/5. Play this weapon then draw a card while increasing your value. I see nothing bad about this card.