Goods • Cost 2
Mystical • Horse • Sidekick

Can only attach to a shaman.

Noon, Boot: Move this dude to a location of a Spirit (without booting).

Noon, Repeat: Boot a Spirit on this dude to move them to another location.

• Riccardo Rullo • Ghost Town #26
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Jhandy27. 2/5. This card creates a lot of movement, and movement can win games. Its movement conditions limit it a bit, meaning it will probably see more play as a sidekick with a bonus effect.

Nu_Fenix. I do wish all non-Gadget horses were sidekicks as well, as it feels right (although it would undermine Rhonda). It is still useful without spirits as long as you have a shaman, even if that isn’t its ideal purpose. The first ability includes moving to locations containing your opponent’s spirits, and discourages lone Shaman from going on a stroll. The second ability expands the use of your Spirits, so if you don’t think it will trigger this turn, this card still has a benefit. The toughest part for me will be deciding how many copies to run, due to the Shaman restriction.

Doomdog. 2/5. This is an odd one. I like that it’s also a sidekick, opening up the potential for a more chess-styled Beyond the Veil deck which I’d like to try. I don’t actually like Spirit Fortress but it’s the only effective deck I’ve built with that home. The restriction to shamans hurts it, but then it’s not as if the Eagle Wardens are short on shamans. While it’s not as flexible as good ol’ Mustang, the value helps spell pulls. It’s not likely to see use outside of the Wardens, as no one else has access to in-faction shamans in faction or through drifters.

Chefonk. 4/5. If Mountain Lion Friend is not Eagle Warden specific enough, here is the one you are looking for. Mystical, Horse, and Sidekick are all keywords that have their uses. The movement abilities are quite strong, although they both require Spirits. Because of that, this Steed most likely finds its way into spell-based versions of Eagle Wardens. The high value makes succeeds Spirit pull. Nine is a great value for Eagle Wardens, even if end up cutting some Red Horses Tail. The powerful movement abilities plus soaking up casualties if needed makes this a great contender for many Spirit decks. The Shaman restriction hurts, but they are the ones doing most of the work anyway.

Jedilanni. 1/5. That restriction is fitting of having to attach to a shaman. The first noon action will win games or prolong them. I will not be using the repeat action due to booting an attached spirit. Another minus for me is that it’s on the same value as Red Horse Tail.