Action • Cost 0

While attached to your home, each other player draws a card whenever you reveal an illegal draw hand.

Cheatin' Resolution: Attach this card to the cheatin' player's home and draw three cards.

Neutral • Brent Chumley • Ghost Town #32
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Nu_Fenix. I dislike Cheatin’ Resolutions that have no impact on the board. Acing or booting a dude with Coachwhip, preventing casualties with Consecration or Fetch, or moving dudes with Flight of the Lepus, has an impact. Giving me more cards won’t help me if I lose a shootout, whilst lowball is too erratic to guarantee triggering it each turn. I won’t be fooled by this card…

Doomdog. 4/5. The Cheatin’ Resolution that keeps on giving. This one seems like it’s best played during Lowball, and the earlier you get it attached the better, especially if your opponent’s deck is a cheating-prone stacked shooter. As I’ve already mentioned, getting more cards is rarely a bad thing. Running several of these seems a bit like overkill though.

Chefonk. 3/5. While this does not have an immediate impact on the game, the cards you draw might. I know it’s a reach, but you could draw the Hex Slingin’ or Outgunned you need right now. Three more cards in hand will almost certainly make a difference, if not in this then maybe in the next shootout. It just keeps on giving you more cards with each subsequent Cheatin’ hand, so you can receive a pretty huge card advantage if you manage to play it early in the game.

Jhandy27. 2/5. I’m not a big fan of this for a few reasons. I don’t really like “passive” cheating resolutions where they don’t have some direct effect on your opponent as it doesn’t discourage them from cheating. My train of thought goes “Aha! you cheated! I’ll draw a/3 card(s)…” They respond with, “OK, but you still owe 5 casualties”. It also clashes with Sun In Yer Eyes and Stakes Just Rose, both of which are far too useful to turn down in most scenarios.