Spell • Cost 1

Noon Hex X, Boot: X is the grit of an unbooted dude at this or an adjacent location. At sundown, that dude does not unboot unless their controller pays 1 ghost rock.

"Maybe vengeance can wait a day..."
Neutral • Jim Pavelec • Hell's Comin' With Me #45
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This was conceived as another element in the Control Hex toolbox. A spiritual successor to the old Paralysis Mark, only with decision points for the opponent. Keep a Ghost Rock in reserve to unboot your dude or make deliberate movement decisions to keep the dude from getting booted. Scatter a few castings on different dudes and then they will think twice before bringing a whole passel of dudes into a shootout or Job.

or add in a forced booting effect like Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo, and you can be very effective turn after turn.