Spell • Cost 1

Noon Hex X, Boot: X is the value of a dude at this location. Boot the dude.

"You may have the will to fight, but you no longer have the ability." - Jonah Essex
Neutral • Ikaan Studios & Cristian Chihaia • New Town, New Rules #16 | Promos #103 | Weird West Edition #185
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Rules update 1st May 2016:

"Spell • Cost 1 Hex Noon Hex X, Boot: X is the value of a dude at this location. Boot the dude."

Basically this change will mean Paralysis Mark can no longer boot dudes at adjacent locations.

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For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

From the May 1st Errata: www.alderac.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=375&t=116357

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

Posted with permission form Pine Box.

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The power of this card is amazing, letting you lock down a guy from Next door is great, using it to isolate there good shooters by either booting them, or there support guys. then picking of the guys stuck in the open.