Funtime and His Pal, Mr. Odett

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madscience 154

This is an update to my 2015 Sheriff Deck. The "Idea" is the same, but the values have changed.

The deck has lost some of the "starting posse trickery" that it had previously. but has a far more solid starting line. 3 studs, 3-8 influence, healthy starting Rock, plenty of easy drops.

Soul Cages can get you anyone in the deck, even Ivor. Ivor would have a cost of 4 on first turn.

Speaking of Ivor, you are probably not going to keep him around often. Let his upkeep cycle him, and try to capitalize on his ability to get people back. This could even mean by using No Turning Back on someone to gain the rock to put him in play in the first place.

Funtime and Tyx should be all that you need for most shootouts, don't over commit to Election Day Slaughter.

Possible Changes: I have thought about dropping Hamshanks for another Eve. But, by running Hamshanks, it gives me another target for soul Cage with printed influence, who can go about town squatting if the need arises.

Time will tell.

Nov 19, 2015 DoomDog

Might Natalya be better in place of Hamshanks?

Nov 19, 2015 madscience

Possibly. I like Hamshanks, because he lacks a printed upkeep, and I like his ability, while limited.

The problem with Natalya's ability, comes down to use. Now, admittedly, this is a "different" deck than what I had in Sheriff's (same, but different). During Sheriff's, I was routinely High Rock. There are a couple of factors that could have played into that, that may self correct, and change that.

But, I could see a disutation, where Natalya ends up in place of Hamshanks, and not a second Eve.