Funtime and His Pal, Mr. Odett V2.0

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madscience 154

This is my newest incarnation of my Oddities Shooter. It has transformed several times since it's inception. I finished 2-1 in a small round robin OP KIt tournament with it, losing in the final deciding shootout vs Spirit Fortress.

The plan: Send your aboms to play in town square, and dominate it. This will force your opponent to generally avoid town square, booting where ever they need to get to. If they are foolish enough to move from home to go somewhere, pounce, eliminate, and hold your position.

Hats help with influence when controlling deeds. Soul Cages are awesome. Peacemakers WILL become Hawley's Roses. Abuse No Turning Back.

I use EDS whenever possible. Don't overcommit. Generally, Funtime, Tyx, and the Brute are all you need. Especially as the game goes along.

Round Robin Report:

Round 1: I face off with Spirit Tower, and it ended up in a situation where I couldn't out CP his influence, and he couldn't out Nic my influence (we were both pushing close to 20) I only saw 2 EDS that were usable. The tokens would have just eaten them other times.. The first resulted in a bloody shootout, the second he let go through.

It came down to a final shootout, at time, to determine who would have enough CP for the tie breaker. I won the first round, and used a cheatin' card on him. He pulled an illegal 5 to my legal 4 in the second round, and I didn't have another cheatin'.


Round 2. "It's raining Men" type deck. This went back and forth, but in the end I was able to abuse Soul Cage, and No Turning Back to negate most of the HLF shenanigans, and clutch legal 5OAK's (thank god for The family estate) led to his demise.


Round 3. 4R Spell Control. He went for a gamble with Valeria too early, had to overcommit other dudes to keep her out of trouble, and I ended up smoking him in Shootouts.


Changes: Xiang Feng is not as interesting as I thought she would be. She will simply become 2 more Pagliaccio.

The Tattooed Man is pretty nice, with his low upkeep, and big bullets. But, I'm not married to him.

Ivor XP is hilarious. He's a good time. In my first game, I NTB'd Funtime, to get him in Boothill, Parish'd away Bobo, and then dropped Ivor, getting them both back, and still have rock left over. Surprisingly, I kept him around far more often than I anticipated.

Feb 01, 2016 Doowa

Love it! This is exactly the values I've been thinking of running with Hawleys Rose. Why did you keep EDS even thou you concluded in your sheriff deck that you loved Nightmare more? And ohh.. the new Mugging as an initiator on 2c maybe?

Feb 02, 2016 madscience

The current environment requires you to have a way to start shootouts. Not having one against certain deck types, will leave you without a way to get at them.

I would much rather not need to run it, and go back to Nightmare. But, right now, their are several top tournament decks that require you to have a way to get in their face.

Mugging is a very interesting card. I could see dropping the Headline for it. Right now, I'm just using the headline as a way to generate extra CP's, but it's not "really" needed. I could see it becoming a Mugging. I might even play around with dropping 1X Bottom Dealin' and using 2X of each.

Though, that leaves me a little nervous, because Bottom Dealin' was absolutely CLUTCH in several shootouts, and I'd rather have 8 Cheatin' cards than less.

I will be getting at least 2 more testing sessions against "top tier" style decks that I expect to see at the Wendigo Championship in March. There will be another version of the deck coming by then.

Feb 02, 2016 Doowa

Wonderful. Looking forward to your feedback. I agree about starting shootouts, that's what I think mugging might be able to help with in a way. I'm thinking about running 2 of it and 2 bottom, which in my book is THE cheating resolution atm.

I'm also considering switching from K to 6 to include summoning, Phantom Fingers and dudes on value and possible a few HLF. And just run a few copies of Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) off value.

Feb 03, 2016 madscience

I have been contemplating making the switch to Summoning as well, the problem being that unless I change up the start, or change 2's, I don't feel confident adding Summoning, with 15 Auto Fails in the deck.