108 deceptions

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jaythejester 460

This deck plays like a landslide, but with a bit of a twist, and for it, I think it's a little more interesting. I chose to run Worldly Desires for the higher starting gr increased chance of winning lowball. Rightious bandits may be run instead for it's movement.

Rabbit's Deception allows your 7 value kung fu dudes to strike and run away, and knock your opponent home booted. This allows you to knock people off your deeds (as long as your kung fu dudes are unbooted when doing so.)

Sunday Best will help guarantee production. Unfortunately, Natalya's trait will go off before reacts from Sunday Best, but if you get 2 on one dude, you can move onto an opponents deed during upkeep.

You should have a fair amount of card cycle between the Whiskey Flasks, Asakichi Cooke, and possibly Pony Express and Killer Bunnies.

Apr 18, 2016 jaythejester

Also, wanted to add, if you have Focusing Chi, Rabbit's Deception, and Ambush, and you have lowball, you can guarantee ace a dude who isn't adjacent to another unbooted dude (you must send 2 dudes). Focusing chi will unboot you Kung fu as you pull it, so it sends both home booted.