Legendary Freakshow (Derringer)

published Jun 28, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Here's what I was playing at the Derringer Deputy tournament at Hartlepool on 26/06/16.

Having won their previous Deputy event I just wanted to play something fun that would go out, interact and get into shootouts. I ended up making a bunch of Derringer decks around themes I hadn't really done much with, and played them all against Tom's Den of Thieves deck to see how they worked. Legendary Oddities was my favourite (the others were Morgan Stables gadget horses, Abram's Crusaders melee blessed and Eagle Wardens sidekicks). Looks like the practice games paid off for Tom as he went on to win the event.

I ended up with a more modest 2 wins and 2 losses putting me square in the middle of the standings (5th of 9), scoring wins against Desolation Row and Sloane Gang hucksters before twice coming up against Law Dogs running Tommy Harden and as many cheatin' resolutions as they could fit in their deck. My deck decided that it had had enough of legal hands for the day which meant that shootouts ultimately went against me.

While I didn't see every deck in action, it seemed that at least half the field had decided that a low value Legendary Holster deck was the way to go.

My Derringer-specific considerations were to include Devil's Jokers as there wouldn't be so many cheatin' resolutions around, and also to include a copy of Signing Over the Stores to have a chance to grab the Soul Cage, Legendary Holster and LeMat Revolver from my discard for cheap.

The hexes were included to fill out the structure and also to be used with Ambrose, Micah and Mongwau. Soul Blast if seen early could also go on Valeria to scare people until they twigged the draw structure or be used as a Shootout escape mechanism.