Worlds Blockade 3-2, 9. place

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Harrowed Blockade v.2 - EU Marshall top 8 2 1 1
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GenCon 2018 NA Championship, 9th, Top First Peoples 4 0 5

Doowa 78

Another absolutely fantastic tournament in England to participate in. Finished 9. place as top of faction with equal points as the others at 3-2 in top 8. Bummer, hehe.

Pretty sure it wasn’t the deck that failed, but the pilot that needs to step up as the general Doomtown player is getting much better ;)

My first loss was to Russell who made a great move, playing Lillian Morgan (Exp.1) just before 10 min warning was called, a Shadow Walk and then kidnappin’ Mazatl to use her ability to play Calling The Cavalry. Lillian, off course, ment he won at time.

Second loss came to Vince, the other Eagles player. Marshall Vince had a great game plan, which, he stuck to and succeeded with. Making control points via Hunter Protections. I felt confident that I could have won through shootouts and attrition, but there was to little time. In hindsight I prolly should have used his own plan against him as I managed to take control of the deed. More practice playing timed games will be crucial before the next big showdown.

Warden Blockade, Turtle's Guard is definitely still a deck to be reckoned with and great fun to play!

Thanks to everyone at the event. The Doomtown crowd is amazing!

May 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations on taking top Eagle Warden, I'm glad to see the original home can still compete and that interactive EW decks can do well in a tournament environment. Agree that Turtle's Guard remains very strong. This decks has a strong suite of clubs and the draw power to dig for the ones it needs.

May 09, 2018 Redgar

Congrats again on taking down top EW! Sorry we didn't get the chance to face off in the tournament. Next time, we will have ice-cream and Doomtown!

I've never been able to make an EW deck that worked and felt fun. I love Turtle's Guard, though, and I think I might just steal this as a starting point for messing around with in the coming months... :)

Quick question, if I may: did you find you got good value from Rancher's Lariat?

May 09, 2018 Doowa

Thanks for the comments, guys.

The Rancher's Lariats was my meta choice against "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and similar new dudes with powerful abilities. Off course I never met any LD or Holster decks..., so it only hit the table ones during the tournament.

Almost all non-club cards can be fiddled with depending on local meta, really. I’ll recommend not removing any cheap deeds or dudes, though, as the deck has the chance to snowball quickly when economy allows it.