Aggro Slucksters- DFW Tombstone Series Winner (More or less)

published Aug 20, 2018 | | |
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Mr. Domino 7

So, first off, I was tweaking this the night before the event, and meant to remove the Legendary Holster, since the draw structure had changed to where it couldn't use it's ability anymore, in favor of a Soul Blast. But, I realized when I drew the Holster round 1 that I hadn't thought to do so. So, highly recommend anyone building this makes that change.

This is a simple, stupid deck that I didn't expect to win a single game with, but I guess it was just off-the-wall enough that people didn't know how to react to it. Ideally, you want to spend turn one putting at least two spells on Emilia (statistically, you'll draw one more often than not, and Grimme should get you another). Turn 2, sculpt your hand towards Shootout actions as much as possible and come out swinging, making a beeline for an in-town deed if your opponent has played one to start profiting off of ProRacket (and giving you another base to play spells down onto Emilia and Maria), and just keep the pressure on your opponent as much as possible. There's no call-out shenanigans, so if you come up against someone turtling, you'll have to use CP pressure to draw them out, but I typically found that wasn't much of an issue (particularly if you can find Nicodemus).

An explanation of the "More or Less" - I went to the event not expecting to win at all, so wasn't surprised when my wife's Morgan Regulators took me down hard in the first round. If it weren't for time running out in the second round, it's very likely she would have ended the day undefeated. Second round, I lost again to a more traditional Sloane Rush deck (Allie/Barton town square pressure), because I just couldn't find any spells quickly enough. How, then, you ask, did I win the event after losing the first two rounds? Well, we had six players, and the way things worked, we only had one 2-0 going into Round 3 (the great Sinclair91), who was paired against my 1-1 wife, having lost the second round at time, and when she beat him, that left us with 3 2-1s, and me as the 1-2 with the best SOS, so the call was made to cut to 4, and from there, I beat Sinclair91, followed by the Sloane player I lost to in the second round to take the day.

So, shouldn't have happened, but it was a ton of fun, and getting to do well with wacky decks like this just remind me why I love this game so danged much.

Aug 20, 2018 Harlath

Lazily copying/pasting facebook comment... ;)

But also adding a quick comment: no space for Morgan Lash? She's pricey and perhaps easier to afford out of Desolation Row, but she's a stud Huckster that is on value...

"Hooray, always happy to see Sloane Hucksters do well. Entertained by the accidental Hoslter inclusion and the unintended Swiss Gambit to victory. Thanks for sharing the list and report!"

Aug 20, 2018 Mr. Domino

I had Morgan in there up until a few days ago, but with there being no bounty manipulation in the deck, I never could afford her, so she always ended up being a dead draw. I definitely would love to come up with a version that uses her in the future, though, as I love her character.