Outfit • Wealth 17 • Production 3

Your dudes with 4 or more bounty are worth +1 control point.

Noon Job: Boot this card (not the job's leader) to mark the town square. If successful and your leader is still in the posse, give them 2 bounty then gain ghost rock equal to their bullet rating, to a maximum of 4.

Outlaws • Robin Wouters • Faith and Fear #4
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Desolation Row

● When checking Desolation Row, the shootout has ended by the time you make the check, so any bullets gained or lost during the shootout no longer apply. For example, a dude who was Blood Cursed during the shootout will no longer have the -­2 bullets applied.

● Only the leader gets 2 bounty, and you gain ghost rock equal to the leader's bullets only.

'to a maximum of 4' should not be help text, so I've modified the card image with the correct wording.
In OCTGN, you can find this card here:

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

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