Abomination (Series) Galore, Cph, DK

published Dec 01, 2018 | | |
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Doowa 78

Have wanted to play more abominations ever since 2T2D was announced, so when this series was named the Abomination Series, there was no doubt. My biggest troubles was deciding if it should be pure Aboms or Huckster based with the new Gateway hex. In the end I favored the more dude heavy, attrition version with Claws and Ranger's Bible.

Unfortunately we were a decimated group in dk today, but we had some great games where I went a respectable 1-1 against LD original and Entrepreneur Stables.

My theorized strategy was to play this like the winning deck from Gencon, Drunken 108s. But it turned out to not really fit my style. The deck has pretty good economy with just 1 deed and can really ramp up an army that’s hard to deal with. Had I been more laid back in my last game against the horse riding stable entrepreneurs, I think it had been a lot harder for him to win the chess match. As it turned out, it was very difficult to handle a single Shotgun...

Dec 01, 2018 LordManHammer

Loved our game today - and loved that after you played Ivor and I shot him for him only to return I realised I just needed to boot him instead of trying to off him...