Horsin' around

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EOJBakura 18

Based on another deck in the database but only using modern cards. Open to suggestions

Feb 21, 2023 aussiescum

Somewhat concerned about income on this deck. Two upkeep from the get go means you're gonna be hurting a lot if you lose low ball which based on the deck structure is probably a lot of the time.

Or is the plan to wait for a horse to hit discard and run Maggie Harris's job to reduce his upkeep by 1 ? That still doesn't give you a whole lot of cash flow and with 10 deeds you may have a hard time affording one even if you can get one into your hand.

Realizing that Lane Healey is a bunch of goodness, he's also super expensive to start with. Using Nathan Shane still gets you 4 starting influence, 2 income. 4 wealth and the same stud value.

Curious if you have play tested it or if it's just theory craft at this stage ? I have built it and am going to try to play it this weekend during some friendly throw downs and see how it goes, will report back.

Feb 25, 2023 EOJBakura

@aussiescum Let me know how your games went with the deck. Gotten some games in and let the newer players in my group pilot the deck. It created a new local meta lol. But so far between a horse showing up in my discard or it simply being in my hand at start, I've been able to get Lane Healey to be an absolute murder machine and his update to getting his upkeep reduced when he has a horse has been great. Its won most of the games I've seen the deck played in with our 6-8 person group. I could see swapping out Lane for Jarrett Blake as well in the starting.