Law Dogs 3+5+8 Politics

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mplain 1642

The name comes from the original version that ran Roderick Byre and Ballot Counter, but I couldn't really make it work. But this deck is actually not that bad!

3's - x13, 5's - x14, 8's - x15

Prescott Utter has 4 bronze bullets and 4 influence from the start. And he can easily become a 4-stud with the help of a Pearl-Handled Revolver or (wait for it) ...It's Who You Know! When your whole posse joins, you draw 10+2 cards, and it's really hard to lose with that much resources, considering the strong draw structure and all the guns!

...It's Who You Know - You obviously play it on Prescott, but sometimes you can also play it on Lucy when they think she's easy prey. This card reduces your opponent's bullets and makes some of their good shootout actions moot (like Pinned Down or Make 'Em Sweat or Blood Curse). You can use it to call out a dude at their home, even with your booted dude. Problem is that they can refuse, so you need to play smart and make them boot beforehand with Hustings or Too Much Attention, or you can also use Tin Badge to make an offer they can't refuse. ;)

Rumors - it reduces bullets now! And also can let you win by control points.

Too Much Attention - you need it to boot enemy dudes before letting them know who you know. Ideally an enemy stud moves to call you out, you boot them, call them out with IWYK, and now they're at a great disadvantage!

I originally ran 4x of each of these actions, in order to get complete political experience, but I guess it still works better with some more standard solutions, like Sun In Yer Eyes, Bounty Hunter and Unprepared. Of course you could argue that these cards would be better as 4x instead of all all that janky combo nonsense, but where's the fun in that?! :)

Jan 15, 2015 hnloaded

Doesn't Rumors wear off at the end of the Noon phase?

Jan 15, 2015 Bas100

My main question is, without the Pearl-Handled Revolver why would Prescott be considered a stud when using "It's who you know"?

Other then that I would say if you really want to focus on the "It's who you know" you may want to run 4 and drop the Sun in Yer Eyes (Especially since they don't help each other).

Jan 15, 2015 mplain

Rumors wear out right after Sundown.

It's Who You Know specifically states that 'Your dude becomes a stud for this shootout'.

Sure, if you want a full hardcore experience, play 4x of each IWYK, Rumors and Too Much Attention! I did that, but then Prescott got kidnapped... =__=

Jan 15, 2015 Bas100

I never read the last sentence on cards.

Jan 16, 2015 Sincado

You know, a ballet counter on Prescott followed by It's who you know, would probably allow for one of the biggest shootout hands ever in the current game.

Jan 16, 2015 mplain

Yep. Once in a lifetime :)

Jan 23, 2015 Jekmak

I like what you are trying here but have found it a bit hard to keep risking my higher influence dudes in shootouts.

I see you have built many great decks and have an eye for new synergies. I am wondering if you think a Law Dogs Shooter be pushed to 12 of 4 values - 2/5/8/10? Particularly if:

  1. Doyle's Hoyle can be used to swap its 10 for a 2.

  2. The deck remains really focused on making dudes wanted, to then take advantage of that fact through Bounty Hunter, Too Much Attention, Bluetick, Judge Harry Somerset, Clyde Owens, and Gang Yi.

  3. Four values might help win Low Ball a bit more.

Would really value your thoughts on this approach.. @jekmak