Gunslinger Flush

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Action Sloane + Mario Crane 16 19 16
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mplain 1642

Inspired by Husemann's variant of the Super Mario deck, here's my take on Law Dogs Flush.

Tommy Harden is the main strength of any Law Dogs deck. In relation to the Flush build, he lets you win over an opponent who manages a cheatin' Full House. Where Mario only stayed alive, you now actually do damage. The bad news is that if they get a legal full house, then Tommy (or Travis) goes down, while Mario would still live.

Clyde Owens is your main win comdition. You don't have Allie Hensman to hoard control points in town square, so you have to go for the kill from the very start. The basic strategy is to move Clyde and Phillip into the opponent's home, and boot them with your outfit ability to make some 2-influence dude wanted. Now that dude has an unpleasant choice to either stay at home and be called out by Clyde, or go outside and meet Tommy & Travis. In any case, the sneaky bastard is not staying out of a fight!

Bounty Hunter is the second main strength of Law Dogs, able to engage any target that outmaneuvered both Clyde and Tommy. And the Gunslinger is definitely going to take someone down, thanks to all the support cards. Keep in mind that you start the game with precisely 2 gr and no way to make more money (except collecting bounties), so you're able to play ONE Bounty Hunter. Make it count!

Takin' Ya With Me turns gunslingers and Travis Moone into Tactical Cruise Missiles. Engage, reduce their bullets, draw a flush, and if they get anything better, you still force them to take a casualty.

Point Blank works the same way with gunslingers, Clyde, and even Tommy. Just be careful with your maneuvering, you need to end up unbooted when the shootout starts.

Hot Lead Flyin' is more casualties for when the opponent manages to draw a legal Full House. In an all-in fight, if they get Travis, then Clyde will shoot someone too, with a 75% chance of success.

Pistol Whip's function is a bit different in this deck. Usually you want to get rid of a big guy to isolate some soft target. Here, you might want to send a wanted dude home booted, right into Clyde's embrace, while the rest of the enemy posse probably finishes off your gunslinger or Travis, but you still force them to take some casualties.

Too Much Attention and Kidnappin' are more ways to engage the enemy on turn one. You really need to finish them off quickly, time works against you!

This deck is not as viable as the Sloane version due to the lack of Allie Hensman as a win condition. It's mostly an experiment of making a Law Dogs Flush deck. A solid [x16 x16 x16] deck will probably beat it in a fight. Still, picking off soft targets with gunslingers is always fun :)

Jan 28, 2015 db0

This deck's kryptonite is totally Make the Smart Choice :D

Jan 28, 2015 Husemann

I dig it. My original issue was 3 influence dudes (namely out of Morgan), I suppose you can just take an extra turn to boot Clyde towards it though.