Sloane A+2+3 Hot Lead Flyin'

published Jan 28, 2015 | | |
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Sloane 2+5+6 Hot Lead Flyin' 1 2 4
Five casualty fun 0 1 1

mplain 1642

This deck was born in early December when I was trying to find some use for Hot Lead Flyin' (I even wrote a review for this card). The idea is to engage into a major shootout with your whole posse, take a casualty (either Allie or Bluetick), then force the opponent to take four casualties. FOUR. They win and they take four casualties. I mean, doesn't that make you drool?

The draw structure is pretty tight (x14 x14 x14), with six off-value cards - 4x Hot Lead Flyin' and 2x Legendary Holster. You have pretty decent actions and goods that will help you punish the opponent for cheatin' and win shootouts. And if they win, they take FOUR CASUALTIES. Feel it.

Feb 02, 2015 Apo

Great deck dude. In retrospective after my 0-3 run against you, I think you slightly cheated in one of the games ;). Didn't you equip 2 holsters one time? Then even though I finally won lowball, I couldn't do a thing - but those are unique!

Feb 02, 2015 mplain

I just described the situation to my friend like 5 minutes ago, and he told me the same thing. Woops... :)