Sloane 2+5+6 Hot Lead Flyin'

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Sloane A+2+3 Hot Lead Flyin' 4 8 2
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Cracow Sheriff Event 2015 Winner, Next Level Hot Lead 13 28 8

mplain 1642

A new version of the Hot Lead Flyin' deck build around somewhat higher values, testing the combo with No Turning Back here.

Pearl-handled Revolver and Winchester should provide me with enough studs, while Bluetick covers casualties that I have to take in order to trigger HLF. I don't like playing Mirror, Mirror here because it fails half the time, but it's definitely an option to consider.

Allie puts pressure on the opponent and gives them more incentive to engage you wall-to-wall. If your meta is shooty anyway (Des.Row and Law Dogs), replace her with Travis to reliably get HLF.

Jul 20, 2015 PaxCecilia

Played this the other day, two games in a row I started with both No Turning Back and Hot Lead Flyin' and it was completely busted. Sacrificed Allie Hensman, gave Jacqueline Isham +2 stud bullets, and they take 4 casualties. Third game was a very long, drawn out game against control clowns, which I lost due to a bunch of misplays (forgetting to boot-move people so they can't be Phantasmed as easily).

In fact the only good thing about playing against clowns was that I spent the time to play my revolvers and winchesters (anyone with a Winchester was Paralysis Marked immediately). How would you suggest dealing with a clown control deck? I consistently lost low ball, which allowed him to either use Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo or Paralysis Mark to boot Allie. Without her accumulating control points, he has no incentive to call me out in town square, and he was able to out-maneuver me with his own buildings for a victory.

Jul 29, 2015 qkieu

@mplain Mirror, Mirror doesn't fail half the time :) Just do the proper math on Antheia Pansofia. Bluetick costs 2GR, which isn't irrelevant in this deck, it runs low on money if you start more studs to fight hyper aggressive decks. But it is a matter for discussion :)

I personally love Mirror, Mirror, i failed it 2 or 3 times on a tournament where I have played 15 games. But maybe I am just that lucky ;)

@PaxCeciliaControl Clowns are nemesis of this deck. My suggestion: don't play this deck if you anticipate a lot of them in a tournament (or your best local players play this deck). From my experience you can win only in 2 situations: your opponents misplays a lot or they have sub optimal draw.

To be a little more constructive: start with posse that gives you max influence + Allie Hensman. So + Makaio Kaleo, Esq. - Jacqueline Isham. Don't waste too much money on goods, try to save it for deeds while making 2 CPs a turn. Hope to win lowballs so your first action would be to boot Allie Hensman. I am afraid that's it.

Jul 29, 2015 mplain

@qkieuI guess you're right on Mirror, Mirror. If you only use the first mode you have an 80% success chance, that's pretty good. Casualty soak is nice, but the moving ability doesn't shine in this particular deck. Regarding the cost, it's the same if you have the Pawnshop in play, but yeah, unconditionally cheap is better. And since there are no natural studs in the starting posse, I guess I need another stud-making option more than I need a casualty soak.

What I'm not sold on is playing Harry and Travis in place of Androcles and Ulysses. You go down 1 influence and, what's possibly more important, down one dude who can occupy deeds, and become overly dependant on Harry - losing him to Kidnappin' or Coachwhip! will cost you the game. Although having Travis to look for that first turn Hot Lead is sure nice. And I don't know how useful Harry's trait really is, with 4 influence total you're unlikely to meet its requirement. I need to test this...

Overall, I believe your version is more anti-aggro, while I tried to keep options for controllish matchups.

@PaxCeciliaYou could replace No Turning Back with Kidnappin'. I consider it a combo piece, funny but unreliable. Although qkieu believes otherwise, and would sooner drop Hot Lead Flyin', it seems :)

Jul 30, 2015 PaxCecilia

Yikes, had a run of bad luck last night at the local deputy kit. Did the swap Allie for Travis, mulliganed every game because my hands were terrible, and of the 4 times I was able to play Hot Lead Flyin', I pulled the No Turning Back on two of them.

But I also picked up the Double Dealin' and Election Days Laughter packs finally, so I think I'm going to try out a different deck for the time being :P