Abominations 1.0

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tbowers13 26

So I wanted to make an abominations deck, even though I think its too early and they will get better as this next cycle enters the card pool. But its what the new home is built around, so what the hell. I wasn't sure which value I would want to play in addition to 6s and Ks. The options were 2s, 4s, 8s, Js or Qs. 2s and 4s are too low for hex pulls to be consistent, and I am running 3 Pagliaccio and a Brute in my starting posse so I've got those abominations covered. 8s are tempting with lots of good action cards, amazing deeds, and Paralysis Mark along with The Ghostly Gun. But I'm running 8s in 3 other decks, so many of those cards are already in use. Then there are Queens with the 3 stud Eve Henry, but I didn't like the action cards available for this deck and I am using 4 Blood Curse in my other 4R deck. So Jacks it will be. Jacks have the amazing Hex Slingin, Tyx, Kevin and Jackson's Strike. But I really don't like Forget as its too situation reliant. But to keep the on value card count up I included 2 and I'm thinking ofadding a Buffalo Rifle or two. Seems pretty good on Smiling Tom with his movement limitations. Not sure what to cut though. With Huckster 4 Smiling Tom Aces a lot of dudes. And Bobo is amazing by his side. 5 Stud? Yes please.

Apr 10, 2015 tbowers13

Well the detailed description of the deck seems to have gotten lost. I guess my login timed out while i was writing it so when I went to publish it asked mt log in again and then the deck was never published. Grr. How do you mark who the starting posse is?

Apr 10, 2015 DailyRich

Click on the name of the dude while editing your deck. It should bring up a pop-up where you can change the number of copies and set the dude as starting.

Apr 13, 2015 Whyartwork@gmail.com

I threw an Ivor Hawley into my abominations deck starting posse to deal with the hex pulls and wound up going with 4,6,J,K. I thinking could do the same with smiling Tom although like you said, his moving restrictions are well... Restricting

Apr 13, 2015 tbowers13

Smiling Tom's movement is tricky, but its not a game breaker. You just have to be careful and make sure you don't lose too many dudes. That's why I'm starting 4 other 4R dudes (3 Pagliccio and the Brute) and if you have to boot to join one of their posses its not the end of the world. Shadow Walk helps and I've added 2 Buffalo Rifle as well which is amazing but a bit costly in a deck with a tight economy. I can see having quite a bit of trouble with Landslide decks as Tom is the only starting dude with influence outside of town square.

Apr 13, 2015 Whyartwork@gmail.com

Yeah but every deck has trouble with landslide so that's not a deal breaker lol