Unicorn - Atlanta Winner & Knoxville Sheriff Runner Up

published Sep 20, 2015 | | |
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Shinjo Hughes 59

If I'm playing a deck I don't expect to run early Jobs, I'll start John over Elander for the extra cash. Build up and fight big fights. Preferably lopsided.

Sep 20, 2015 mplain

Why start Elander at all? What does he do vs. early jobs? o_O

Sep 20, 2015 comawhite

second mad scientist vs decks likely to run kidnappin and hangings

Sep 20, 2015 Chainsawsb

Personally I'd rather run William Specks in that slot instead. Elander does absolutely nothing for the deck because you have no weapon gadgets.

Sep 27, 2015 Shinjo Hughes

Elander doesn't have Upkeep, isn't shotgun fodder and doesn't fail my pulls if he gets discarded as my first casualty.

I'd start Roderick, but he's in value.

Sep 29, 2015 Chainsawsb

Fair, but free gadgets or ranches are good I hear. Though of course this build is less focused on gadgets and really only needs 1 mad scientist.