108 Legends

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108 Worldly Legends: 2nd Place in 3rd OCTGN League 4 3 5

Zeetoois 116

The idea behind this decklist is simple: Camp out at their home with Bai Yang, particularly if he's got a Legendary Holster on him. Whether you like it or not, card advantage is definitely a thing, and this deck has proved that time and time again.

This deck uses a ton of movement actions, particularly the Tao of the Jade Rabbit cards. Use them to get Bai Yang Chen into important shootouts OR to bring in your other kung fu dudes/send their dudes home booted.

Your hand can get huge with this deck, almost always having a max hand of 6 cards due to Randall's ability and often 8 when you've got Bai Yang camped at their house. It's great when you're in shootouts, since this deck is heavy on actions, but you've got other ways to cycle less useful cards, such as Pony Express or moving your dudes around with Asakichi Cooke.

The shootout draw structure is simple: 2x16 on A and 4, with backup straight flush on A-5 clubs. You're frequently pulling 8-10 cards with 3-5 draw PLUS your home ability if its available, so it's not hard to get 4oaK. I've pulled those straight flushes multiple times per game as well. And don't forget The Joker's Smile to get your jokers back into your deck!

One thing to note: I used to run Hiram Capatch instead of Asakichi Cooke, mainly to counter landslide (you might not stop their control points, but you can stop their income and out-maneuver them with your various actions). However, my local meta has no one playing landslide (we all hate it), so I've swapped him out. Do what you feel is best within your meta!

Mar 15, 2016 TomTheOlympian

I've been playing 108 Legendary Holster a ton. I've found that Asakichi Cooke is hands down the way to go over Hiram, especially with so many shootout cards that can potentially get stuck in your hand.

Allie Hensman really helps against Landslide (who you're already running), but in addition try running Kidnappin' and Hired Guns, I've found them invaluable in almost every match up.

Junior is also fantastic as he let's you search for the LH if you can't see one.