Law Dogs and Bounty Hunters - 2017 Eurpean marshal rank 12th

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GrahamD12345g 44

This is the deck i ran first in the Hartlepool deputy event a week before the Eurpeans which tanked1st there.

At hudders feild it ranked 12th and came up against some very good decks and players.

Im not sure what i could do to improve this deck other than give it different piolt.

Any sugestions would be greatly received

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

Well done ont aking 1st at your deputy and then twelfth in a very difficult field in Huddersfield.

Have you considered Pedro? I previously used the same 8 Goods as you but switched to 1x Quickdraw Handgun and 3x Pedro - Hattie is high enough value not to suffer much from -3 value and Pedro helps against horse decks, stops movement effects (everything from Pistol Whip to Phantasm) and is a free sidekick - this helps you see more cards and win wars of attrition.

I'm very partial to moving to K in LD or at least splashing in a few copies of Point Blank off value. Your Bounty Hunters can do some serious damage with Point Blank as they come in unbooted, and with Hattie DeLorre and a low bullet stud like Tommy Harden you can effectively "target" point Blank - set your opponent's best due to 0 bullets and then Point Blank with a 1 stud to take the 0 bullet dude out.

I'd consider dropping Andrew Burton from the starting posse for Willa Mae MacGowan to save two Ghost Rock - this will help you get up with deed, goods and Bounty Hunters more quickly.

Take all the above with a pinch of salt as I'm often wrong in my advice...

Checking out Doomdog's excellent Law Dog decks is a good idea - this sheriff winning deck he built is a good example:

Jul 03, 2017 GrahamD12345g

All you have said is sound advice given the call in the cavalry meta. I did think of putting point blank in as splash but went for unprepared instead.

Ill take on board what you said make the tweeks and hopefully get a few practice games in before Newcastle...

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

Great! My advice may prove flawed and have to be rowed back on, but I at least they're all things that help in the current meta without specializing your deck too far against particular decks.

Aiming to make it to Newcastle with a posse of other Edinburgh players so hopefully see you down there. :)

Jul 03, 2017 DoomDog

Yeah, I'd agree with swapping Andrew for Willa Mae. I think then you'd have probably the strongest generic Law Dog starting posse it's currently possible to field.

My current Law Dogs deck runs 3x Roan and 2x Pedro as a measure against Calling the Cavalry. As @Harlath notes, Hattie isn't affected much by Pedro's value drop. Also, Phil and Tommy are shotgun/soul blast bait anyway so don't care :)

Point Blank is another trick I also employ. Roans help get your dudes in to shootouts unbooted to use it, or you can always combo it with a Bounty Hunter.

A trick I've returned to recently that works well with Bounty Hunter and Dog's Duster is Rope and Ride. Great against people hiding at home and removing pesky shamans/Nicodemus from Spirit Fortresses.

As Wylie is so expensive, and you're running Shotguns, have you considered Vasilis the Boar in his place? He excels at blasting bandits full of buckshot.

Jul 03, 2017 GrahamD12345g

Can dudes refuse the call out if you use a dogs duster? I always thought they could.

If im honest i never seen wylie in my hand yet so dont think that would be an issue

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

People can indeed refuse the Dog's Duster callout by going home booted. Calling out Wanted dudes that are already booted at home works well however - they're already booted and therefore can't boot to refuse allowing you to murder them at home. Ahem, I mean bring them to justice.

Jul 03, 2017 DoomDog

If you were to run more Dusters, it might even be worth pinning a Tin Star to one.