Hoggs of War

published May 11, 2018 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

This deck took me through half of the Mad Science Challenge at some pub on the southeast side of the greatest city in all of the Queen's Realm: Manchester, England. Another deck I lent out became beer-soaked, and everyone was laughing, and one silly Doomtown player seemed to reject the sultry and forward advances of a buzzy and brash Pick-up Liner, repelling her back unto her conspiring friends to instead get in a few games yelling "A Slight Modification" and raising our hands like eager schoolchildren pleading for the attention to obtain the operant prizes associated with this well-organized spectacle.

The only negative was that our future-Marshal would be wayward and lost unto an hour trying to locate the joint, mincing this bar with that perhaps, until finally arriving late and looking like a teenager what has been deprived an hour of phone privileges.

I played David, Adam, Russell, and one other bloke whose face I remember but whose name I forgot, and am unable to fully recount the games, though I might try at a later date, determined as I was to collect on the shiny swag.

This deck has been in the works for some time, and what better event to showcase it at! It came out of a conversation I had with David Hogg (hence the namesake - too, the motorcycles) over a year ago, wherein it was first an experimentation in 9's and 3's trying to get Raven to work via Tail Between Yer Legs and Rope and Ride, but slowly evolved into it's current iteration that instead goes "all in" on the Bullets Maths in an attempt to leave your opponents Outgunned.

I like where it's at for the most part, as the fact that it is "slow" is somewhat mitigated by using Fate Dispenser to generate some serious card-draw when the deck hits it's prime in the midgame. With a little luck, Nicholas Kramer can single-handedly carve a swath through a posse of thrice as many men!

This deck struggles with early-game pressure decks however, as well as early aggression (it is sadly quite dependent on it's starting dudes), and any suggestions to that effect are welcome.


May 14, 2018 Harlath

Very droll - I'm sure that young woman was merely baffled/curious!

Thanks for lending me a deck for this event - I was too busy getting ready for the tournament. The deck you lent me proved a sneak preview of the unexpected Morgan Gadgetorium decks that showed up on Sunday.

This looks solid to me, pleased to see Prof. Aloysius Roe in action and the seldom seen Fate Dispenser

Congratulation on taking home the gadget cup!

May 15, 2018 jordan caldwell

Thank you.

My interpretation of the body language was that it was the opposite of "this looks like a very interesting card game" but hey it might be a cultural thing...

The deck you played has about 3 games under it's belt plus whatever you were able to squeeze in. I'll post it at some point but not until it's had a few iterations in a competitive environment - I tend to shy away from sharing a deck that has relative little experience because that means there is very little to say!

And yes, The raw potential Prof. Aloysius Roe opens in the card pool cannot be understated - I'd say by far my favorite use for him is in a deck such as this - maybe call it the "2/3 Structure" - whereby you expect 2/3 of your pulls to succeed without use of his ability (so that, in the likely or unlikely event he becomes an early target, you aren't utterly screwed), allowing you to play a single low value to access some cards that were previously structurally off-limits (such as 3's above).