Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 0

Nicholas has a bullet bonus equal to the number of Gadgets you control. This bonus cannot exceed +4.

"He's got a real passion for bein' prepared in every possible circumstance... and then some." -Elander Boldman
• Grzegorz Bobrowski • The Showstopper #7
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The man, the myth, the legend, Nicholas Kramer. A dude the company has long waited for the likes of. A zero upkeep stud dude.... with influence! It's too bad he has zero bullets. Well, that is until you start inventing something! Yeah, he's not all that terrific in a non gadgeting Morgan deck, but for those mad enough to invent, he is what science decks have been waiting for. A potential of becoming a 4 stud, if you control 4 or more gadgets ANYWHERE! If one of those gadgets you made is a weapon Nicholas can be a 6 to 8 stud dude.

He combo's very well with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton since both the skeleton and the dude it is attached are gadgets. Hydro-Puncher can than be added as well. Assume you have another gadget somewhere, and you've got an Jack value, 8 stud, 2 influence, zero upkeep, who cannot be moved or booted by opponents, can boot an opposing dude and an attached card! He's also got a horse in all that, so he can Run 'Em Down!, make A Slight Modification, or Do some Regulating.

It is possible to put him in a gadgeting dogs deck, the biggest issue is competition with other extremely good value 8 dudes.