Hellslide Limited - Kublacon 2018

published May 28, 2018 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

This deck stormed Kublacon undefeated, going 1-0 against some of the toughest competition this side of the pond, including taking down Gomorra's first North American Sheriff (2014) in front of Gomorra's fourth North American Sheriff (2017). It was a grueling day indeed!

So yeah, Laura and Rich and I had fun - even though Orange had to cancel last minute, Nick disappeared between Friday and Sunday, Tom was swallowed by the terrible parking situation, and both Stefan and Rosenbaum had other fish to fry - truly Murphy's Law was wreaking his finest havoc.


Weighing in at 16 deeds, Hellslide Limited dances like a butterfly but stings like a bee. It's built around it's CEO James Ghetty, whose incredibly-niche trait is leveraged to enable your Free Trade economic policy to develop your corporate entity unburdened by any zoning restrictions your opponent may attempt to sadle you with. Between Hired Help, Willa Mae MacGowan, and The Law Goes Underground, you may be able to locate that tax loophole that exempts you from the liabilities Morgan Cattle Co. would otherwise be incumbent: Since you will be booting to deeds you purchase short sale, if you can tie the shootout your opponent will inevitably call you out to, you can run home between rounds - better yet - if you were lucky enough to draw one of the 12 gadget weapons in your opening hand, you can maybe exit the tied shootout with a control point. Hell, you might even win the durn thing!

In the early game, especially if you have a gunslinger token or Devil's Six Gun handy, you can use the Cheatin' Varmint for stealing lowball; in the mid to late game, you can buy shootouts with it. There is even the threat of a Straight-Flush if you opponent cheats enough for you to recycle your jokers and you haven't played out all your off-structure deeds yet.

All in all, I've played about three people with this deck, so it's still young, but I thought I'd share it anyways because it's really fun to play, a game of cat and mouse, as your opponent keeps chasing you all around Gomorra which expands before your very machinations.


May 29, 2018 jaythejester

I like it. I’m a huge fan of quasi-slide. This takes MCC right to its roots. I might suggest finding some way of including Buckin' Billy Ballard. He’s extremely good with a Yagns attached.

May 29, 2018 jordan caldwell

He is - if you can get it attached to him.

Unlike "standard" Mad Science decks, after the first turn or two, well before you can afford new dudes, I often find my scientists isolated from eachother (which Luke, the Errand Boy helps mitigate as long as he can), whether locking down key deeds or just avoiding conflicts (and likely booted), as it get's harder and harder to attach the correct gadget to the correct dude the deeper into the slide you find yourself, because you need to position your team horizontally to match the board state, making Tradin' impractical. That, and the only non-Actin' movement the deck has available is using the home to expand rather than contract. And as you typically have a short window within which to suit up with gadget weapons (a few turns maybe), I hesitate to slot even a single Mechanical Horse.

By comparison, Tallulah "Lula" Morgan and Rémy LaPointe are ready to rock the moment you play them, with the latter being excellent and synergetic protection for the proprietor of the company!

To boot, due to it's lack of shootout tricks (besides Hired Help), the deck relies a little more on it's internal structure than other decks, trimmed lean intentionally with every single value choice, form following function.

For those reasons, though he is typically an auto-include on MCC Jacks, I find him unfit for the strategy this deck is trying to execute.

But YMMV. Cheers!

Jun 02, 2018 Weron

Does James Ghetty pay for anything else than Hired Help?

Jun 02, 2018 jordan caldwell

His right-hand man, Rémy LaPointe.

As yet, there are surprisingly few options he can en-capitalize, especially given that he is a Base Set dude and as such the theatrical adage "If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off" ought apply...