Frank Jank

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Sauronsbeagle1 62

Jul 22, 2018 Sauronsbeagle1

A light hearted attempt at making use of as many new Too Tough To Die cards as possible.

Send Frank Stillwell over to your opponents' deed to enforce the Protection Racket, dabble in a little bit of friendly Extortion, or just straight up rob the place with This is a Holdup!. Should the opposition take umbrage at this for some strange reason, Frank can do what Frank does best and run away with pockets a-jangling. Or maybe he's feeling brave (you have Murdered in Tombstone in hand) and he sticks around for a fight.

Ramiro Mendoza can get in on the robbing action to with Hostile Takeover, and should anything go wrong Five Aces Gambling Hall is there to hopefully send in backup.

Jul 22, 2018 Sauronsbeagle1

Meant to include Heist for Antoine Peterson to dig out, but I'm an idiot and forgot.