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Civic Corral - Origins 2018 1st Place 5 6 7
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jordan caldwell 369

Straight up shooter - no cute tricks here - just surround your enemy on their own deeds while you retain control of your own. This is not to say the cards don't have synergy - they often combo with eachother quite well. Jarrett Blake can attack or defend multiple locations in a day - more if you suit him with a Pinto - and is key to locking down both sides of the board.

People want to stay at home where you can't call them out accruing goods, spells, and gadgets? Use the Noon action on your Morgan Regulators home card and give 'em a stern Mugging. If you go with a natural stud and succeed you can even use your home card to return to regulatin' their properties.

Eventually they'll come out to contest your 6th control point (read the first part of the home card!), hopefully Pinned Down or at Point Blank, and that is when you can take 'em out.


This deck is intended to be user-friendly to pilot without side-stepping the intricacies of the movement rules. The cards do what they say. Ideal for new players or old players alike trying to get back into the game with a solid deck.