Spirit Trails (for Adam Nemy)

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Derived from
Raven's Ragnarok 2 0 8
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jordan caldwell 369

A quintessential "spirit chess" archetype.

Butch Deuces grifts to give you a choice on how to start your game. After that he mostly stays at home (Shaman: 0) to power the network of Spirit Trails the deck uses to set up the board and Silver Pheasant's Bounty to compensate his warriors.

When you have two out of three of your combat cards, Pinned Down, This'll Hurt in the Mornin', and It's Not What You Know..., take to the townsquare with Smiling Frog (ideally discarding a card to gain a bullet bonus first) and begin to occupy your opponent's deeds to plant your Totems upon them. Raven's Ruin let's you park Hupirika Sue on a deed while constantly threatening a second coming if your opponent is foolish enough to return (using the spirit plus her ability). Or she can just boot them using the home ability of The Spiritual Society to stall a turn.

Mazatl leaps around the board to play the rest of your totems, but like Butch, is not the best at activating them. Save that for Enapay and Speaks-With-Earth who have a sufficient Shaman skill (Shaman: 1) to reliably cast The Pack Awakens.

Close the game by booting your opponent out as they chase you around the board by walking Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles into town to tear down the fabric of this "reality".