3-6-8 Banjo Dogs

published Dec 14, 2019 | | |
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TomTheOlympian 82

Give your opponent as many bullet penalties as you can get to try toforce them into cheating or taking a lower hand rank. Once they cheat hit them with a Ricochet and then and them with JiE.

Spiritual Guidances are a placeholder for Battered Banjo when it releases. Banjo's action is a noon action, meaning the bullet penalty lasts the whole day. Those things pack a punch.

Dec 14, 2019 jordan caldwell

I feel as though Pettigrew's Pawnshop and General Store slot easily into this build?

Dec 15, 2019 Findegil

With four consecutive clubs, perhaps toss in a coupla 5s or 10s (Unprepared, Pistol Whip, Ol' Fashioned Hangin') for a shot at the occasional straight flush?

Dec 16, 2019 jordan caldwell

Oh you mean Banjo?

Dec 16, 2019 TomTheOlympian

@jordan caldwell Yeah, Banjo wasn't showing up for me when I went to build the deck. Pettigrew's and General Store can probably slot in here, but I don't want to weaken the draw structure to much.

@Findegil I was thinking about that but I'm not sure I want to put any more clubs in.