'Twas Grace Hath Brought (PO6 '20, Round Five)

published Jan 02, 2021 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

This deck is still in development. It's pretty spry, and can defend itself. Some cute synergies. The big idea is to build for a late game usage of a miracle I am fond of, Exultant Translocation. I think the deeds could use a little re-ordering. WIP!


Jan 02, 2021 jordan caldwell

Potential changes W2DW: Yasmin Tian fits right into the starting posse here. Maybe plan for an end-game Huang Li as his trait has lots of synergy with several dudes. Definitely add Baird's Debt Collections, probably Winner's Circle Auction House too.

Maybe even look into We Stand Amazed by increasing the role Hymns play and add Lucretia Fanzini (isn't her ability redundant to the Global aspect of Reacts though?)