Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 2 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 2

After using Huang Li's Shootout ability:

• if you booted a Blessed dude, unboot another dude in the shootout.

• if you booted an Abomination, Huang Li gets +2 bullets.

• if you booted a Kung Fu dude, boot an opposing dude.

Shootout: Boot your dude (in this shootout) to discard a card and draw a card.

Anarchists • beet • Welcome to Deadwood #4
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the core of the idea behind this dude is the ongoing interconnection of the Anarchist dudes. and their multitude of themes.

Huang Li might not fit into a proper Kung Fu deck with his big king value, but he does allow you to get an effect out of kung fu dudes (booting the opposition).

Or with Blessed, setting up a Point Blank.

Or with an Abomination, pumping up to a 4 stud.

and the benefits stack with double duty dudes like Hamshanks, Brother Petrovic, He Fang, and Yasmin Tian