Super Mario x47 Gomorra Jailer

published Apr 23, 2015 | | |
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Derived from
Action Sloane + Mario Crane 16 19 16
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mplain 1642

Hey folks, there's a new feature on dtdb - you now can make decks with previewed cards from future saddlebags!

I just had that weird thought that Gomorra Jail might be an alternative to Allie as a win condition for the meanest deck ever - Mario Flush!

Make dudes wanted, hunt them down, reduce their bullets, stay legal, and completely destroy them for cheatin' with Tommy's help!

Don't know if this would be better than the standard Sloane version, but i'll definitely give it a try ;)

Apr 23, 2015 Doowa

Why not put Allie Hensman in the deck as well? She won't ruin your draw structure that much..

Apr 24, 2015 byronczimmer

It's clear to me that you'll always pull a flush in lowball (unless you land a joker). That means you're probably always losing lowball.

Which means your source of income is wanted dudes and actions. At least that fits with the goal of the deck.

Luckily only a handful of the chosen actions actually cost any money. (Bounty Hunter, It's Not What You Know..., Election Day Slaughter and to a lesser extent Cheatin' Varmint).

It might work, but man are you vulnerable to an early Ambush or Kidnappin'.