Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 1

Prescott's bullets and influence are equal to the number of Law Dogs at his location (including himself).

"It seems that everyone has a vice in this town. At least Mr. Utter's doesn't keep him from doing what's right." - Abram Grothe
Law Dogs • James Starr King • Base Set #19
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Prescott Utter is a necessary part of any Law Dogs deck for his effectiveness against another Law Dog opponent. His trait gives him an additional bullet and influence point for each Law Dog at his location (including any of your opponents dudes)

While his stats seem low for how much you would pay, his potential for surprise attacks makes up for the additional cost if used wisely. His potential for a high bullet rating makes him a perfect dude to hold a Legendary Holster or a Pearl-handled Revolver. He also combos great with The Stakes Just Rose, which can bring him into a fight as a shootout action, making him a stud and potentially raising his bullets more.

While he can be used against another Law Dogs deck with great usefulness, he is drastically less effective against any other opponent. His potential is great, but it is far more difficult to use him in a broad spectrum of situations. The best uses of Prescott will have a deck structure built completely around his trait.