Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 1
Mad Scientist 1

Noon: Discard a Gadget from Eustace to move him to another location (without booting).

"If Mrs. Morgan wants this done on time, tell her I need to be left alone to do my work!"
Entrepreneurs • Mirco Paganessi • Base Set #26
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A good choice for a starter in a MCC gadget deck. His cost and upkeep are affordable, and his 2 influence come in handy in the early game. His ability basically makes him a MCC version of Micah Ryse, but is extra useful as a Mad Scientist 1 because it allows him to invent gadgets after moving. He also pairs nicely with Disgenuine Currency Press. They share the same value and with a difficulty of only 5, he can constantly invent them while moving around the board, using his 2 influence to control deeds while also providing a stream of ghost rock and card draws.