Action • Cost 1

Noon Job: Mark the town square (any player may oppose the job). If successful, put a dude or deed into play from your discard pile, reducing its cost by 5 ghost rock.

I always have work for hardy folk who don't ask a lot of questions." - Ivor Hawley
Neutral • David Hueso • Base Set #133 | Weird West Edition #246
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One of the more powerful, table-turning actions in the game. Bringing in a high-dollar deed to boost your economy or big-time dude to dominate the board for the cheap is great. But the net 4 rock discount isn't even the best part, playing a card out of your discard pile is simply amazing!

The only catch is you'll likely have to fight for it. Especially useful to The Sloane Gang, who likely have an acre of dudes in town square to scare off any resistance, but any good fighting deck can probably pull it off early in the day. You can also keep a cheap dude unbooted until late in the day when most of your opponent's dudes are booted and maybe get it in a walk.