J Forget

Spell • Cost 0

Noon Hex 5, Boot: Choose an ability printed on a dude at this or an adjacent location. The dude cannot use the ability until after the Sundown phase.

When the circus came to town? Well… wasn't it… you know, I don't recall.
Neutral • Matthew Sweeney • New Town, New Rules #17 | Weird West Edition #188
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  • High value spells are good for The Fourth Ring
  • Easy to pull off, any Huckster in a deck made to throw any kind of spell will succeed
  • A useful effect in certain circumstances (sorry Wendy and Allie, you two are the main targets), and with a growing card pool it will only get better
  • Many good cards in value for 4R and Hex-liking decks (Hex Slingin', Kevin, Tyx) and utility cards (Jackson's Strike, Undertaker, for a deck that tends to Ace it's own cards)


  • The effect can be dead in many cases, which probably explains why it is so easy to cast

How to run it: Four of this are too many, in case the effect is not useful in a matchup you don't want to be bogged down by useless spells. In matchups where it is good/great, odds are you won't be needing more than one out to take out that annoying ability every single day.