Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

React, Boot: At the start of the game, shuffle your play hand into your deck and draw 5 cards.

"Oops, I messed that trick up! Lemme try again."
Neutral • Matthew Sweeney • Base Set #49
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The first and only (for now) grifter in the game, is there to allow you to have another go at fixing a catastrophic early hand. Not only that, but for the same low price of 2 Ghost Rock, you get an expendable shooter who can scare away those 1 influence weenies off your properties, or simply take the hit for that shootout round where your opponent managed to tie hand ranks even though you had a 3 stud advantage over them.

Becomes even better in decks which can equip him. Hand him over a Pearl-handled Revolver to make him much more solid, or give him your first Flame-Thrower in your gadget deck to get a very scary shooter, without having to spend any more ghost rock.

Not only that, but his value of 5 takes him just out of range of most Shotgun wielders barring Sloane herself, so even if your Ramiro Mendoza has to run and hide (or gets Pistol Whipped, Travis can still stay behind and maybe give enough time for your squishy influence to run away while he valiantly sacrifices himself.