Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 1 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 1
Shaman 0

Rhonda's Horse has the Sidekick keyword.

Whenever you discard a Sidekick from Rhonda to cover casualties, you may return it to your hand instead.

First Peoples • Riccardo Rullo • Ghost Town #3
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Doomdog. 3/5. Ghost Town’s Eagle Wardens expand upon the faction’s sidekick and horse sub-themes hinted at in previous cards. Rhonda is a cheap shaman who’s likely to be a starter rather than in-deck due to her low value. Her skill level of 0 could also restrict your deck building. To get the most out of her, you’ll want to give her a horse, while two bullets means that she can threaten with a Shotgun or Pearl-Handled Revolver. On her own, however, she doesn’t seem that great. I do like the idea of loading her up with a cheap horse, Buffalo Rifle and Strength of the Ancestors, and having her hold the town square while my other dudes go about their business. A Sidekick focused deck that’s light on spirits could make use of her as a starter or in the deck as there are several sidekick options on twos.

Jedilanni. 2/5. With 8 actual sidekicks in the game and a potential 10 more via the trait horse. I can see a shenanigan deck being built with a win to lose strategy using Takin’ or Hot Lead. With Three-Eyed Hawk and Francisco (see below), that type of deck may exist, but time will tell. Her stats and low cost, plus modest upkeep, means that she will find her way into Eagle Wardens starting posses.

Chefonk. 2/5. So with this, Bluetick and Requiem for a Good Boy (see below) there are good reasons to choose 2 as one of your values in a sidekick deck. Unfortunately, because of the low value, you cannot really play Spirits which makes Rhonda’s Shaman skill of little to no value. Another option is starting with her, but her 1 upkeep and 1 influence means that you probably have to choose another dude with upkeep in order to have enough influence and/or a stud available. Her ability is not bad, but it is not good enough to pay 1 upkeep for it. The upkeep is really what hurts this card as Eagle Wardens tend to have a lot of it. I am not sold on the usefulness of this dude right now.

Jhandy27. 3/5. Her stats are incredibly cheap for what she brings, but given her low value I can’t see many decks that run spirits decking her. She’s primarily a starter as either an incredibly cheap shaman with influence, or in a sidekick deck of some sort as being able to recur sidekicks. I think sidekicks have strong potential, but need the cost to play them being reduced.

Nu_Fenix. I like how Rhonda is able to treat her horse as a sidekick, using it as a means to escape a tie or loss of only 1 rank. She makes sidekicks a more viable option to absorb casualties, due to Shoppin’ them back again for her or someone else. One combination is for Three-Eyed Hawk to get them and give you 1 GR back, then Tradin’ them over to Rhonda, to lower the economic drain.