Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 0
Private • Core

You may start this deed in play in place of a dude.

Controller Noon, Boot: Discard a deed from your hand to gain 1 ghost rock. You may move one of your dudes to a deed with a name that matches the discarded deed.

• B.A. Miller • Ghost Town #14
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Chefonk. 2/5. Converting a deed that you do not need at the moment into GR is useful. I doubt that most decks would rather not sacrifice a starting dude for this deed. Perhaps this ends up in some sort of Slide deck, but then slide musters as many starting dudes as possible. Bandit slide with Xiaodan Li can start 5 dudes plus this deed. Discarding a deed might not be an issue, since you will probably draw into more deeds at Sundown. Meanwhile, that 1 GR might buy you another deed that you have in hand. The deed’s movement option is situational enough that one should not factor that in when selecting this deed.

Jhandy27. 1/5. I’m really not a fan of this card. I can’t see a situation I would ever want to discard my deeds at the start of the game. I get annoyed when I don’t have a deed in my opening draw hand. Without a control point, I can’t even really see people wanting to run this card at all.

Nu_Fenix. I would love to know why this became a Core deed! Unless you expect start with two copies of the same deed in your opening hand, and want to cycle your hand faster while gaining 1GR, I can’t see why you would want this. If you aren’t starting the game with this and are using A’s, take Pony Express instead.

Doomdog. 3/5. This strikes me as a useful deed for a Dead Man’s Hand Deck, letting you cycle Jack of Diamonds from your play hand and netting you a ghost rock in the process. As an Ace, it’s on value for some of the cards you have to run. I am not sure if I’d start it, though. This card helps out if you run duplicates of a key deed, or just have a hand full of deeds that you can’t afford. There are plenty of deeds that are commonly played, so you might be able to use the movement effect to jump to an opponent’s deed and get the drop on them.

Jedilanni. 1/5. I just can’t get behind this card. Would I sacrifice a starting dude to put this deed in my starting posse? My answer is always no.