Deed • Control 1 • Cost 5 • Production 2
Public • Casino

Resolution, Boot: If your hand is legal, boot your dude at this deed to prevent all casualties this round. Dudes cannot flee this round. In the next round of the shootout, double the number of casualties inflicted.

• Eric Ren • Hell's Comin' With Me #32
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have you ever drawn up your shootout hand and wondered "what the &^$? How did all my off value cards find their way into this draw hand?" Or the flip side, faced a straight flush from a deck with exactly one way to do all that? Or the cursed double joker legal five of a kind?

Enter Red River Roulette.

as long as you can spare a dude to sit at the table and call out "double or nothing!", you can make some magic happen.

if you can bait someone into a big Siege Of The Orphanage, so much the better.

also spicy if you can inflict a non-casualty removal effect at the same time (Jael's Guile, Coachwhip!, Ricochet, etc)