Forgive me, father...

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sholder 62

My entry for the "jankiest deck" contest. Give Félix Amador Confession, then manipulate the bounties on your own dudes all day long without having to go out & get your hands dirty. Milt Clemons is a great target - make him wanted, (gets you money), then pull the bounty off (more money). Remember that you can use the second ability on Confession even if booted, so go ahead and stack several on Félix.

I played a variation of this for a while - you can get a nice little Confession engine going, but I haven't been able to figure out a viable endgame.

Aug 30, 2015 Benjamin Hecks

I would definitely start The Fixer instead of Travis, as you need the Confession in your starting hand, and seeing 10 cards instead of 5 is good.

Also, I would start Fred Aims and Angelica instead of Milt Clemons, because of Angelica's better ability when running the job in the first rounds and Fred's better trait for gaining easy influence with Confession.

Makaio Kaleo, Esq., works very good with moving bounties around. Better than Mario Crane (except the value, of course).

Aug 30, 2015 sholder

Yeah, this was put together in a hurry from memory for the gomorra gazette contest, it could definitely stand some tweaks. I'd definitely agree on swapping Makaio in for Mario. Using The Fixer is interesting - seeing the extra cards is good, but you can't pay for him (obviously) so lose the extra body if you need to soak bullets.

The problem I had with Fred is that he gets slammed with The Evidence. With Milt this doesn't really matter, since you've already collected your money.

Part of the idea of this deck is you can ignore running the job if you're up against strong opposition. My experience tends to be that doing the job first click will typically be unopposed (as long as you have any stud at all), so Milt works just fine. By turn 2 running has typically become much more risky; with this deck I often wouldn't bother running again because you don't really have too much in the way of shootout actions. But that is why it is up for the "jankiest deck" competition, not a serious contender.