Goods • Cost 1

Noon: Reduce a wanted dude's bounty to 0. Discard this card.

Noon, Pay 1 Ghost Rock: Raise the bounty on a dude by 2. Ace this card.

"What more do you need, Dave?!" - Philip Swinford
Neutral • Larry Wilson • Election Day Slaughter #14
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I have a Desolation Row deck the revolves around Shotgun/Legendary Holster on Silas Aims, who as you likely know Silas' bullets are determined by his bounty. If playing a similar strategy or trying to counter one this card works wonders. To boost Silas obviously equip it, pay one rock and boom.. 2 more bullets. I also use this in conjunction with Fred Aims if I need and influence boost. Works great with cards that work off bounty like the Outlaw mask, the Aims brother's traits, collecting a control point if The Evidence puts your bounty over 4 due to Desolation Row's effect. Run your home job a few times, give Silas a shotgun, War paint, The Evidence, B & B Attorneys, Makaio's ability doesn't hurt, and use the Stakes Just Rose and suddenly your opponent if facing down a 10+ Stud with a shotgun. You'll likely Ace whoever you want and if a shootout takes place who doesn't love using a third or their thinned deck to assemble the best shootout hand available?

That being said the entire strategy and those like it can be effectively nuetered by Evidence's first noon ability making my Demi-god with a shotgun Silas a zero draw baby.. This has screwed me in games but I was able to save myself by using it on a Puppeted Silas to negate him being used against me.

I'm sure there's plenty of fun combos out there and if it fits your values it doesn't hurt to have against any Sloane gang set up.

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The second ability can eventually pay for itself (1 GR to play it and 1 GR to use the ability but you get 2 bounty back). Works well with Ol' Fashioned Hangin' and you could use it on your own dude for Desolation Row in a pinch.

It's main use is being an 8 of Hearts. 8's have awesome values in spades (Steven Wiles), clubs (Rumors, Bounty Hunter, This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’), and diamonds (Circle M Ranch), and 8 is a decent pull value. Also it fits into many straight and DMH draw structures.

If you have the cards to support them, you're probably already playing Paralysis Mark or Force Field/Flame-Thrower. If you don't, you're stuck with this or Quickdraw Handgun.