Nun with a Gun

published Sep 06, 2015 | | |
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kirsty 31

I'd tried Sister Mary with Miracles and Melee weapons before but was finding it needed too many combos to get up to speed with that deck. This deck is an attempt to use Sister Mary's ability without worrying about her being Blessed. She can handle a Peacemaker at least as well as she handles a sword.

Bottom Dealin' is my new favourite card! You can win lowball pretty reliably and then hand some of those sneaky high card only hands to your opponents in shootouts they think they have a huge advantage in as well. Great fun.

I played this in the Huddersfield OP kit tournament on 4th Sept - six of us playing so we went round robin to get in more games.

First round was a mirror match that went badly - he picked my dudes off one by one and my cheating cards seemed to be buried in my deck; 0-1.

Next up I got to shotgun both Benny McGill and Allie to see off the Sloane Gang, happy days for the law in Gomorra; 1-1.

Third match against Oddities and I was pleased to get my Pharmacy out straight away... then I forgot all about using it to un-Paralyse my dudes! I paid more attention after that, I think this was where Bottom Dealin' even managed to see off a gang who were hiding behind The Brute; 2-1.

Oddities were back in a different guise for my fourth game. I got loads of deeds out but they got taken over in a rather tricky game. We went to time and both had one more influence than the other had control but the abominations had one more control point when we worked out the tie breakers; 2-2.

Last game was against the Gadgetorium. I felt I really should have won but I made a couple of stupid end of day mistakes (am sure my opponent did too). Sister Mary was left in a fight by herself when the opposition were in check and she ran home rather than fight on which left Morgan with just enough manoeuvrability to clinch a win; 2-3.

I think we ended up with three players on 3-2 and three on 2-3, no runaway winners this time, which seemed fair. It was nice to get to play everyone there.