A clown comes to town v4

published Sep 21, 2015 | | |
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Samantho 12

I've been working on this deck for a while now and it has served me quite well.

Versions of my clowns deck has won a deputy and placed 7th and 4th in two UK Sherriff events with over 20 people so am quite happy with it.

I recently reworked the deck quite a lot to try and minimise failed phantasms on booted dudes as this is my decks main way to deal with pesky influence characters who just stay at home. So I changed the construction from 8 9 J to 8 J Q with most of my off values being 9s thus forming a mini value which helped for forming full houses more than a mish-mash of different value off values

This is my flavour of the popular and currently strong 4th ring control deck so I won't go into too much detail. My first move is always to move Pagliaccio into town followed hotly by The Brute and Funtime Freddy if he hasn't been aced.

I dont always use Freddy, if I get a good hand of spells then I dont. Also if fighting Desolation Rowor Law Dogs I dont as I need the extra stud.

When facing a Morgan Cattle Co. deedslide, I start with The Flying Popescus instead of Pagliaccio and The Brute for extra deed taking influence.

Phantasm I mainly use this to pull pesky characters that stop you from winning such as Jake Smiley out of their home and into the abomination pit that is town square. Generally only do this if all their dudes at home are booted. Move someone with phantasm to their home and try to move out the pesky booted cheap influence character. As I don't run Kidnappin' this is my only way to kill off these types of dudes without just using bloodcurse to reduce their influence and was the reason why I changed by deck structure.

This deck placed 4th in the recent London Sherriff and might have had a shot at the finals but I made some silly mistakes in the last high noon of my semi final game (it had been a long day).

This deck drew inspiration from the Marshall winning deck at Gencon but is also quite different.

P.S. Avie and Eve can really save your ass they rock!