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DoomDog 931

This is the Gadgetorium deck I put together in the aftermath of the Huddersfield Sheriff, and in hindsight I would probably have been better off taking this to the London Sheriff event. Gadgetorium decks doing well and picking up some wins the weekend before London led to me moving my focus to The Arsenal (see Bio-Cops).

The economy of this deck can get going fairly quickly - your gadgets are either free or they make you money with the Gadgetorium's ability, and the unboot means you can have William Specks invent something and then give you a discount on a deed or another gadget (e.g. have Specks invent a Recursive Motion Machine with the Gadgetorium, use the ghost rock gained to pay for Kyle inventing QUATERMAN and then use Specks for a discounted deed). In addition, you've got Androcles Brocklehurst to sue anybody who tresspasses on your property. The fast economy means it's possible to start deedsliding and also means you shouldn't have a problem paying for the expensive dudes to bolster your influence.

QUATERMAN is used primarily for defense, but once you've got some of the off-values in play, a Rapier armed robot or two and Nightmare at Noon in your hand, it's time to send your mechanical minions out to wreak havoc. If you can force your opponent to boot dudes home with call-outs, or through Flight of the Lepus if they cheat in the shootout, then you're probably well-placed to go on and win the game.

Its main weakness is a vulnerability to early aggression. If you're up against someone playing Bounty Hunters or Kidnappin's, then without your robot bodyguards or Jacqueline Isham (and a bit of luck) you're going to find yourself in trouble.