No Tresspassin'!

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DoomDog 931

Here's a Morgan Enforcer themed deck. It's mainly been built to play around with the Morgan Stables trick of reacting to moving to a wanted dude's location with Bluetick and immediately calling them out. Tin Stars are there to make sure they can't refuse!

To make dudes wanted, you've got Tresspassin' and The Evidence. People won't be expecting wanted punishment out of Morgan, so early Tresspassin's will probably make dudes wanted and later on in the game there's a choice to be made as to whether they take the bounty or go home. For maximum usefulness of Tresspassin' all the deeds in the deck are private (if you include public deeds you've actually found a use for Auction!)

Bounty Hunters are also included since they're on-value and fit the strategy, but some could be switched for Reserves if cash flow is a problem for you. One useful thing the bounty hunters do is let you call out wanted dudes at home, so there really is no escape for those tresspassers!