Ridin' Down the Ol' Spirit Trail

published Jan 26, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Here's another fun idea that sounds great in concept but in all probability needs too much set-up to reliably work. This deck wants to play around with Spirit Trail. Not to make use of its noon ability, but its trait that makes all locations with a Spirit Trail attached adjacent to one another.

If you can get one attached to Maza Gang Hideout, it can become the cornerstone of your economy, able to get up to five production (even more if your opponent is also playing Spirit Trails). But that's not the main attraction here - step forward Run 'Em Down! and Rope and Ride. Your horse-mounted dudes can gallop through the hunting grounds, snare some unwitting cowpoke and then drag their sorry hide back to your Hideout where it's difficult for their friends to boot in to help in the ensuing shootout (unless they're also at locations with Spirit Trails, the plan isn't foolproof...). Imagine a situation where your opponent has just played Whateley and they've got a Spirit Trail in their totem fort. Ride in there and drag him away from all those nasty totems so you can fight on your own terms!

I've added some Idols so you can move your Spirit Trails to where they'll be most useful/annoying. You could add Buffalo Rifles, Shane & Graves Security and Surveyor's Office as these cards also benefit from being adjacent to a lot of things. I went for Nathan Shane because he's cheaper than other options and has a useful ability, but "Sammy" Cooke could also fit that slot as she's fairly scary with a Shotgun in her hands (that's why Buford is here too). The deck could use a couple of cheap horses, and as it's currently 3x14 (ignoring Mazatl in the starting posse) there's space to trim a couple of cards to fit them in if you need them.

Jan 27, 2016 jaythejester

I like it, it's just my kind of deck. I wonder if Beyond the Veil would be a far better home for this deck. If you switch homes, John 'aces' may be a poor choice in this deck. Mariel Lewis could be good when you include Foul Play.

I get what you're doing with Spirit trails adjacency trait, but if you're also planning on using Spirit trails ability, it will fail on a 3 pull, so you might consider playing Black Elk instead of Butch. Butches drifter ability will only let you mulligan if have one of your 4 spirit trails, so it's ability would rarely actually be lost to this deck.

Jan 27, 2016 DoomDog

I've had this list sitting around from before Foul Play released, and completely forgot about Mariel. Yeah, she'd fit right in here. Black Elk for Butch is a good call. I went for the original home because with only four totems, I didn't think I'd get enough out of Beyond the Veil whereas with the original home you can at least search through your deck for the combo pieces a bit quicker.